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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What time does school start?

    School starts at 7:50AM. Drop off begins at 7:00AM. On Monday mornings, we hold an assembly where the Principal will make important announcements about the coming week's activities. At approximately 7:45AM, students line up by grade on the yard by the basketball courts. Students are ushered to their classrooms by their teachers to be served breakfast and begin their instructional day. Parents are welcome stay with their children until they begin to line up. Students will be considered late if they come to class after 7:50AM.

  2. What time does school end?

    School ends at 2:14PM on a normal dismissal day.  On an early dismissal day (every Tuesday), school ends at 1:10PM.  Check the Calendar for any schedule changes. Arlington Gate will open 10 minutes before dismissal time.

  3. I drive - where can I park?

    Due to limited parking on the school property and the need to ensure that staff members have access, we ask that parents do not park on the campus during regular school hours. Street parking is available around the school.  Please review the street parking signs before parking on the street.Thank for your mindfulness and adherence to this request.

  4. How do I make an appointment to meet with the principal?

    To meet with the principal, please call or visit the main office. The main office number is (323) 731-9346.

  5. How do I make an appointment to meet with my child's teacher?

    To meet with your child's teacher, please contact the teacher directly or arrange through the main office. The main office number is (323) 731-9346. You can reach your child's teacher by stopping by to make an appointment during drop-off or pick-up. Please visit the Teachers page to contact the teacher via email.

  6. What is the uniform policy and where can I buy uniforms?

    Uniforms are not mandatory, but we encourage students to wear uniforms. Pictures of the uniforms and information on purchasing them are located here. If you would like assistance with acquiring uniforms for your child, please contact the main office or the Parent Center to get clean, donated uniforms. If you would like to donate uniforms, please provide clean and neatly folded uniforms to the main office or the Parent Center.