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Mid City Prescott School of Enriched Sciences

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    welcome our new principal, Ms. Karla Torres

    Our Vision

    Mid-City's Prescott School of Enriched Sciences will provide an innovative elementary learning experience where students can think, learn, and act as disciplinarians in the three branches of science: life, earth, and physical.

    Our Mission

    The mission is to provide enriched classroom experiences that will be rigorous, standards-based, culturally-relevant, interdisciplinary, and differentiated to meet the needs of diverse learners.  Teachers will utilize research based strategies for effective and motivational instruction.  This innovative model of education will allow students to make meaningful contributions to a global society during their time at Mid-City's Prescott School of Enriched Sciences and beyond.

    I am happy to announce that we are partnering with the City Attorney’s office in order to address our safety concerns. Ms. Sanders Gordon has been assigned to work with us. If you have any safety concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know so that I can work closely with Ms. Sanders Gordon to resolve any issues. Thank you!


    Me complace anunciar que nos estamos asociando con la oficina del Fiscal de la Ciudad para abordar nuestros problemas de seguridad. La Sra. Sanders Gordon ha sido asignada para trabajar con nosotros. Si tiene alguna inquietud de seguridad, no dude en hacérmelo saber para que pueda trabajar de cerca con la Sra. Sanders Gordon y resolver cualquier problema. ¡Gracias!

    Mid-City's Family,

    The pick-up for techology will be located on Adams Blvd. There will be no entrance through the Arlington Gate. Please follow the schedule below.


    Familia de MidCity's,

    La recogida para tecnologia va estar en la calle de Adams Blvd. No hay entrada por la puerta de Arlington. Por de siguer el horario.


    Mid-City’s Family,

    Open House and Beautification/Parent University has been postponed until further notice.

    Familia de Mid-City’s,

    La casa abierta y Embellecimiento / Universidad de Padres ha sido pospuesta hasta nuevo aviso

    Congratulations Antonio chow FOCAL Essay Contest Winner!! 

      A big congratulations to Antonio Chow for winning the FOCAL Essay Contest for the Fourth Grade! The 40th Annual FOCAL Award Luncheon took place downtown on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019. This year’s winner was “Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remix.” The essay contest winners read their wonderful essays describing how they each identified with the book and what it would mean to meet the authors and illustrator. Please read the essay by Antonio and you will understand why he deserved to be one of the winners of the contest. "I think the book Chef Roy Choi would mean to meet the authors and illustrator. Please read the essay by Antonio  and you will understand why he deserved to be one of the winners of the contest:  

        "I think the book Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remix is an unbelievable and stunning book because the descriptions and illustrations make me want to try foods I have never eaten before. I like how poetry is used to describe delicious food. For example, the author vividly described preparing tacos by writing, “Sizzle. Grill short ribs. Slap the taco down. Toss on slaw, squirt Roy’s Awesome Sauce.” I also enjoyed reading the colorful definitions of foods. After reading the definition of “Banchan,” I wanted to try these dishes. In addition to the writing, the illustrations are really artistic and show parts of life that I have never seen before, such as scenes of people eating street food. I learned many new things from reading this book. One scene that really stuck with me was when Roy Choi said eating a nice meal with his family was his happiest time. Similarly, I am also happiest when I spend time eating meals with my family. Like Roy’s family, my family eats dumplings, talks about our lives, and laughs. Spending time with my family is also my “best good time!” It would mean a lot to meet the author June Jo Lee because I would like to ask her questions about how she fit in with people who were different than her. I am one of only a few Asian kids at my school. Other kids used to tell me I ate “strange foods” for lunch. Once, my mom packed me a steamed bun with meat and vegetables. Some of my classmates called it a “Chinese Taco.” But after describing this food, we all laughed, and that was what brought us together. I want to know if the author had similar experiences and if she has any good tips for me."  -Antonio D. Chow - 4th Grade - Ms. Felhauer's Class

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