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The Campus

     Looking at our school, you can almost envision the historic mansion that used to be among the many large homes in the West Adams district. Mid-City's Prescott SES Magnet Elementary School is regally situated on a hill flanked by our 113 year old Morten Bay Fig tree and Adams Blvd, Arlington Avenue, and 27th Street. The bottom rear of the hill is our gated entry that flows into the staff parking lot and curving driveway that connects the back lot to the upper campus.  There is a small playground and some benches on the top level that can be accessed from the steps that led from the staff parking to the main office.  The back of the campus has spectacular scenic views of South LA and stately palm trees.  It's a perfect location for stargazing!  A row of red letters spell out our school's name which can be seen while driving up Arlington Avenue.  

     The main part of the school is on the top of the hill.  The center of the campus is known as The Quad.  It is a large grassy area with a few trees.  The quad is divided by walkways in the shape of a X.  There is also a walkway on the outer edge of the Quad that leads you to the classrooms and administrative offices.  Grades 1 and 3 are located in the two story building on one leg of the Quad, with Grade 1 classes on the ground level and Grade 3 classes positioned on the second floor.  Grade 4 classes are on the opposite side of the Quad from Grade 1 and 3 classrooms. The final edge which houses Grade 2 classrooms, faces the office and path leading to the library, steps, vegetable garden and the "Urban Forest".  Grade 5 classes are situated in the main building which also houses the main office, Principal's Office, Magnet Office, Teachers' Lounge/Workroom and Parent Center.  The Library is adjacent to the main building.  Two small courtyards rest between the 5th grade classrooms, library, and main offices. There you will discover outdoor tables and benches for eating or gathering. They are accessible through multiple sections of the building, including the Library.  

     The "Urban Forest" is home to our landmark Morten Bay Fig tree.  The tree, which can been seen from all sides - highlight its massive status! Because it is an historic landmark, it is protected by a fence.  The rest of the "Urban Forest" is a sanctuary with plants, trees, bushes and a few benches.  The Urban Forest gently slopes down towards 27th Street.  Behind the "Urban Forest" is our vegetable garden where kale, swiss chard, rosemary and other plants the children and teachers grow.  The school PTA built the garden boxes with the help of our school community. 

     Featured on the Adams Blvd. side of the property is a small parking lot and the large play yard.  The blacktop play yard has 4 basketball courts and a jungle gym.  On the very corner next to the jungle gym is the Arts Program Room. The area abutting the 1st and 3rd grade classrooms provides the perfect location for the small cafeteria and outdoor lunch tables.  The tables are located under a shelter to provide shade and protection during inclement weather.  

Our campus and school have been described as a "gem".  It is full of charm and hidden secrets.  If you look back in time, you can even easily imagine the former mansion!  Take a look at the slideshow below to see our campus come to life!


Campus Map
Map of the campus