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Lost & Found

It is amazing the things we find in the Lost & Found Rack! Sometimes we wonder if your children have any clothes left at home?

But seriously, there are a lot of items that end up in the Lost & Found throughout the year. This program is designed to make sure as many items as possible make it back to their owner, so don't forget to put your child's name on their things and/or check out the Lost & Found rack every now and then, to see if that missing item might be there.

Three times per year, the Lost & Found rack is cleared out and everything is washed and donated to a charity.

Label your clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc., and it'll be easier to get it back to you!

Cosas Perdidas u Olvidadas

Por favor cada que pueda pase por el Centro de Padres para ver si su nino dejo algun sueter o cualquier otra cosa que pudo haber traido a la escuela y no volvio a casa. Aqui temenos muchas cosas olvidadas.